Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Trying Snakes and Flying Home!

Well, we have just spent the last full day here in Guangzhou. We ended it with a meal at a Cantonese restaurant. I am including a picture of Kendal and Jordan eating water snake. All three of us gave it a try and it was actually the best thing on the table! On the way into the restaurant, you could actually pick out your meal, while it is still alive!!! That's right. So, we walked by 3 cages of snakes on the way in and I thought I would chicken out of trying it. But, we all did it.....Anna, meanwhile, enjoyed the rice.
We are super excited that tomorrow at 5pm we are getting on a bus for Hong Kong and then flying out early Thursday morning. We are ready to get Anna home, get her checked out by our pediatrician and give lots of hugs and kisses to Lydia, whom we have dearly missed!!!

Pray for our travel and that we won't have delays. We have known that so many have prayed for us along this journey here; thank you so much. Well, gonna cut this short because the computer battery is running low.

Jennifer D


  1. Brave souls you are! I have been thinking about you folks all day today. Will be praying as you fly 1/2 way around the world. The team leaves Friday 9am for FL. Please be praying for us too. Love, Cora

  2. WOW!! Snake! Jordan, I can't wait to hear you tell me all about it. You and Anna look adorable in your red outfits.
    We'll be praying for you all that your travel will be uneventful and you will be home SOON! I know Lydia misses you just as you do her.

  3. Lydia, Grandma, and GranddaddyJune 9, 2010 at 7:22 AM

    Here's Lydia, yjn o khghjmjhjhjhyuyy h fgtghdyi ij. Well bath time is over for today-Thank you Lord. Lydia just doesn't like bath time. I know she is ready for her Mommy, Daddy, Jordan, and Anna to get home and give her all those hugs and kisses. She has been sooooo good though and we are going to miss her so much. She loves the pics especially the one of her Dad and Jordan eating snake. She ran out to the deck to tell Granddaddy-SNAKE, SNAKE. I can not believe my Jordan eat snake. Unbelieveable! The pic of Jordan and Anna is precious. I know you are traveling now and may not even get this but Lydia loves doing it. We are praying for a safe trip for you and we'll see you at the airport!!!! Love to all.

  4. I am so amazed at how God works. I heard about your journey through Kendal's cousin Wendee at the dentist office. She shared with me because she knew my husband and I had just adopted from Russia. She just gave me your blog...and now I realize that I know Kendal from highschool!! What a small world. I just wanted to tell you I'm so thrilled for you guys...and what an incredible journey!!! You can read about ours at

    We'll pray for safe travels for you guys!!
    Joy Coats

  5. Love the red Chinese dresses! What did the snake taste like?
    We are praying for your safe trip home!
    Love you all,

  6. oh my... the picture of jordan and anna in their super cute red outfits brought tears to my eyes. already, anna looks so happy! i can't wait to see you all. I know you will be exhausted and will need some time to adjust, but we will be right here waiting anxiously to see you guys and hear all about your trip whenever you are ready to share!!! What a journey it has been - one that we know has a happy ending!!! much love to you all - we miss you terribly! have a safe trip home!!!! we are so, so, so looking forward to seeing you!!!

  7. What wonderful life changing experiences & testimonies each of you have! I am so happy for you! Jordan & Anna are so beautiful & seem like they are getting along great! Be safe & know we are all praying you home safely! Today is Sam's last day of kindergarten & we'll be going to his "graduation" this morning! Lots of Love, Roger, Mandy, Sam & Dennis