Sunday, June 6, 2010

Becoming Part of the Family

Hey guys. Sorry it has been a few days since we last updated the blog. Here goes..... we arrived in our last city and things have gone pretty well. We had 'medical exam' and did a little site seeing. The internet is hit and miss at best (and costs $15 a day). Anyway, Anna has a couple of boils on her head due to the bad condition of the place where she has been living before we got her. One of those boils ruptured during the night and we had to go see a "Doctor" this morning. They cleaned it and told us to go to the hospital, but that is always their advice. The experience was not pleasant. A couple of nurses on our trip with us said that it should be good until we get home. But it has stressed Mom and Dad (and big sister out). I can't lie, it makes me angry that the orpahange did not take care of our little girl like she deserved to be. But, we will just have to make up for that.
Anna had only been letting Jennifer hold her until yesterday. Now she only wants Kendal and Jordan to hold her. Don't know what that is about, but at least we have all had a turn now. She is up running around and wrestling with Jordan and Kendal. She is quite a little rascal, should fit in with our family well. We are all ready to go home, but we still have work to do. Tomorrow is our first appointment with the US consilate. The we have a couple other things to do there after that in order to get her visa. Hopefully, that all goes well.
Sorry this is brief and no pics, but my battery is running out and the charger is up in the room. Gotta go for now, but we will try to do better with the blog updates from this point out. Thanks for all your prayers.


  1. Oh, I am so sorry to hear that Anna has had such a hard first part of her life...BUT...this is a small small portion of the life of God's love she will now know because of you. Anna is amazingly blessed to get to be a Danford. I know it is a rough road, but you will, because of God's mercy, be able to "make up" for all of this as you said. By His grace, she will only know the love and tenderness of a mommy, daddy, and sisters who love her and nurture her and she will come to know Jesus and how her heavenly Father orchestrated all of this so she could be with you. We love you and continue to pray for the transitions ahead. Can't wait to have you home!

  2. Lydia, Grandma, and GranddaddyJune 7, 2010 at 7:02 AM

    Lydia says; GM MM JVCKCCVCRTTI T ITRGKDTRTKRFKTEITKTRMJKHHKIKGHTYOG G . I think she is learning a new language but I'm not sure what language it is. We were very happy to hear from you today. I love the pic of Anna laughing. I know that will only be one of billions of smiles she will have now that you have her in your arms. I can't get over how much Anna looks like Caleb Jordan. I know Kendal and Jordan are happy that Anna is warming up to them. That's an answer to prayer. Lydia isn't having much to do with Granddaddy this time and he's feeling the pain. We went to Raleigh for the twins baptism and Lydia was very good. She loved all the babies and their toys of course. We are looking forward to your arrival home. Can't wait to see all of you. Love and prayers!