Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day

We had a great time this weekend in Wilmington, NC. Anna got to meet a bunch of her new family/friends at a cookout my parents house. The girls had a great time playing, eating, and getting to know everybody. We are so thankful for people who love on us and our kids.

We decide to get up a little earlier and head back home on Sunday so that we could be to church at NewSpring. We didn't really know how Anna was going to respond to the nursery situation without Jennifer. But, she did great! Her and Lydia played and played. Our friend Alicia gave us a few text updates and even a pic from the nursery to let us know how they were doing.

Sunday was also Father's Day. I got to see my dad and I get to be a father to 3 sweet little girls. Each one is different, and each one if very special in her own way. It's still hard to believe everything that has happened in the last few weeks. I'm thankful that God allows me to be the dad to our girls, and I'm depending on HIM everyday to show me how to do the best I can.

- Kendal

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