Sunday, June 6, 2010

All Smiles!


  1. What a beautiful smile! I know you will be seeing a lot more of these now that she is where she belongs! She has had to endure so much already in her short little life, but God has placed her in loving arms where she will never again face those horrible living conditions. She can now, for the first time, begin to experience that abundant life that God has for her. Just as you have been blessed by her sweet life, she is so blessed to have such godly Christian parents that took a huge leap of faith and answered the call to open their hearts and lives to this precious soul. In the center of God's will, lives change and He is glorified!
    Praying and praising with you!

  2. Hey Jordan!

    Your little sister is so cute! Are you having fun in China? I can't wait to talk to you when you come to your Grandma & Grandaddy's house. It will be fun. Caleb will love meeting Anna! They kind of look alike! It is funny! Have fun on your trip!

    Love, Callie

  3. We depart for Cincinnati the day you return to Florence and will not return until the 18th. We hope Anna has a hug or two left by then. We understand the angst and anxiety that each twist in the road brings to you. Have faith that the road you are on is becoming increasingly short and you will be home soon.

    Your faith community has been praying like Tibetan Monks and we have complete faith that you all will arrive home safe and sound though likley sleep deprived and with a gray hair to two.

    You are loved so much.

    Bob & Diane

  4. What a great smile! We love her already! Sam had to count her teeth & then decided she has the same as Dennis! What a beautiful day to wake up & see her face! Praise God for the Miracle of Anna Len-Ai Danford!!!
    Love, Mandy & Sam (Roger hasn't seen this yet!)

  5. beautiful dimples!!
    Have a safe trip home!

  6. Love that sweet smile!!!! Tell Jordan I think Tiger is a good nickname. Lydia is my "little monkey" so Anna can "little Tiger".
    Oh I can't wait until ya'll get settled(and we get settled) so I can see that sweet girl. Love you guys! Praying for you!