Friday, June 11, 2010

No Place Like Home

After being awake for about 30 or so hours we finally arrived home. We reached Florence around midnight and attempted to put the girls to bed. They finally went to sleep around 1 or and Anna decided to wake at 5. So yes, we are still sleep deprived. More to come later, but we wanted everyone to know that we are home. Thanks for your prayers!!

- Kendal


  1. Hi all - we have been following your blog and Anna is absolutely beautiful!!! Jewell is my daughter's sarrogate grandma at Scotts Hill. We adopted in 2007 in China. Your trip has been be wonderful and has brought back alot of memories for us. God bless you both and your beautiful family! tell Jewel that Jae Lyn is going to be jealous...she loves her Grandma Jewel. Patti, Steve and Jae Lyn Jones

  2. Jennifer, Kendal, Jordan, Lydia (and now Anna), just wanted you all to know that even though I havent responded as often as Id have liked, I have been reading the updates about your trip to China and finally meeting your new daughter! You all have (and continue to be) in my thoughts and prayers! I really hope that everyone settles in nicely and it isnt too bad of an adjustment for Anna. From reading your blog, I know that she has gone through alot and needs ALOT of TLC which I KNOW all of you will provide! She is soo lucky and blessed to now be a part of such a wonderful family!! Thanks again for keeping us all updated and I look forward to hearing more about Anna, seeing her pictures and watching her grow! I also hope to maybe one day officially meet her :) Continuing to send love, thoughts and prayers your way! Congratulations on accomplishing your dream of adopting and thank you so much for making such a HUGE difference in the life of Anna! I know you all have made a HUGE impact on my life as well! Good luck with everything and God Bless! Again, hope everyone is well! Welcome Home Anna!!!! Love always with many blessings, Athena, Chris and Dakota :)