Monday, June 7, 2010

Ready to Be Home!

So, today has come and gone. We had our first appointment at the US consolate's office. Basically, this was just for them to look at our paperwork and we didn't even have to go, our guides went for us and things went well. No issues to report, so tomorrow we will have to go in person and do the interview and whatever else comes with that. This will take place about 3 tomorrow afternoon. The rest of our day was spent doing some shopping and hanging out at Shaman island. We did visit the White Swan hotel and try to take a picture on their famous red couches where so many adopted families have come through. But, Anna was not in the mood for that, so we did the best we could. The girls were wearing their new Chinese clothes that we bought. Don't worry, Lydia has a couple of outfits too. Going to have to do a photo shoot sometime when we get back.

Jordan wants me to make sure that I tell everyone about her new friend, Melanie. She's a sweet girl (who was adopted several years ago, and her family is now on their 3rd adoption from China). Jennifer wants me to remind everyone to pray for Anna's issues with the boils and her transitions to living with us and in America.

Just so you know, Anna is a handful. Once she came out of her shell, she came all the way out. She is rough around the edges, so I think her and Lydia are in for some battles. Jordan thinks we might need to get a wrestling mat for the basement. We are trying to teach her how to play not so rough and not to bite/scratch/etc. Jordan keeps calling her little tiger - the nickname might stick. Hopefully, with time she will learn to channel some of that aggression.

Have I mentioned that we are ready to come home? Well, we are. China is nice but I like the USA a little better. We have been trying to save some money by eating PB and J in the hotel room for lunch the past several days and eating McDonalds at night. It's much cheaper than the hotels buffet every meal. We have a chance to go to a restaurant tomorrow night that where you can get all kinds of live things killed for you to eat. This includes snake, eel, and lots of sea food things. Don't know if we are going or not, going to have to check the funds before we make that decision.

I guess that's about it for tonight, we will be heading for Hong Kong on a bus Wednesday night. We will stay in a hotel there for a few hours and then it's off to the airport for an early morning flight to Tokyo, then to Atlanta, then to Columbia. Thanks for all your sweet messages of encouragement, we really appreciate each one of them. Have a great week - we are.

- Kendal


  1. Just saw that 2010 was the Year of the Tiger--fitting!! Not sure what 2007 was when Anna was born. My heart is thinking more of Lydia these days and the surprises in store for her. So thankful all the little details are going smooth! Know we are all ready for you to come home just as much as you are.

  2. Hi everyone. Lydia and I just had our play date with Addison (Donna Tartt's granddaughter). They had a wonderful time in the pool amd with the kitchen set out on the deck. Addison also brought along her doll house and they "painted" granddaddy's deck with water and foam brushes. I think it sounds as though Anna and Lydia can hold their own with each other. Lydia got up at 5:30 this morning and she has just gone down for a nap. We've had a great day so far and I am glad you have as well. I can't wait to see the girls in their Chinese clothes. I know they are cute. That will make a great photo. Jordan I know you are so happy to have a new friend. I hope you are having a great time playing with her. Be sure to bring home some pictures of the two of you together. I love you!!!!! Have a great night and a good day tomorrow. I love you all!!

  3. Maybe Kendal if you still have it, you can give the winner of the Danford wrestling federation your belt that you used for halloween as a teenager!! HA! We love you guys dearly & pray for safe return home! Love, Mandy & Roger & the boys.

  4. No place like home.....Jordan will certainly have alot to share when ya'll get back. Know ya'll will be busy settling in once you get home but if ya'll need anything, please let us know. Big hugs to everybody!! So glad everything is going well. Praying for your blessed days ahead and safe travel.

  5. Try to post a comment one more time. Hey, Clemson folks like the Tiger. She'll fit right in. Continuing to lift you guys up. When do you arrive in Columbia? So grateful that her transition to her home in the states is coming soon!

  6. it has been amazing to follow this journey with you guys! having been thru the adoption process with gabe, it makes it even closer to my heart. i know you are all tired and ready to be's almost time! i can't wait for the opportunity to see you all and meet anna! be safe, enjoy your last couple of days and you'll be home before you know it!